4 tips to build a sales plan

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In today’s episode we’re going to talk about Hacks to set up a strategic sales plan that really works and nobody better to be able to talk about it than Reev’s new revenue director, Júlia Paixão.

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How to do strategic sales planning?

The first step to build a planning strategic sales is to understand what one is planning, and what you need to take it. A very common mistake is precisely understanding that planning and objectives are the same thing as goals.

When you talk about planning, you talk about preparation, then it is natural that the planning takes place before the period you want to plan.

For this, you need to have an idea of ​​your goals, and the goal is not necessarily something quantitative, it can be qualitative as well.

The goal is necessarily linked to numbers. The goal should be one of the ways to measure how close you are to your plan.

Therefore, planning must be involved both at the strategic level of the company and at the operational level, and it is important to keep in mind:

  1. What do I want from my company in 2021?
  2. What is the goal I want to strategically achieve?
  3. At a tactical level, how do you manage to translate this strategy that you have in the company to your sales team?

And finally, there’s the operational level, where goals are set to ensure you’re getting there.

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How do I know what is the best approach to be able to base myself on all my planning?

The OKR methodology is one of the most used today.

It was popularized in the 2000s by Google who managed to bring with excellence how to use this framework to translate good planning for the company as a whole.

This methodology is very old and was created by Andy Grove and is a mental model that helps us translate what we want from goals, and helps you translate key results, to show you how to reach that goal throughout the year. .

In addition to OKR, there are other methodologies that are widely used, such as Getting Things Done, which is a good way to translate this planning for the company.

There are also simpler methodologies that can help you make planning tangible, such as SCRUM, but OKR is a methodology that has gained more and more strength.

In the end, the methodology used doesn’t matter. What matters is having this look to analyze and understand everything your company went through in the year and extrapolate to the next steps.

You need to define the strategic, break to the tactical, and move to the operational.

4 Tips for Performing Sales Planning

Tip #1: Involve your team in the strategic sales planning process

Planning only works if everyone buys the idea with you. You can’t do this simply top-down, from management to followers, because that ends up discouraging your salespeople.

Everyone needs to be involved in this planning process. Everyone needs to buy into the planning and goal fight.

You need to align your vectors. So it’s important to keep in mind: sell the idea to everyone.

This is your time to prepare, take a deep breath and get your hands dirty. So make sure everyone is as excited about the coming year as you are.

Tip #2: Understand your ideal customer profile

You cannot set up a plan without understanding the behavior in the market you sell.

If you don’t have an understanding of who you sell to, you can’t plan to generate maximum value for them.

The salesperson’s role is to be a guide. You take your ideal client profile with all his pains, all his yearnings to guide him towards an ideal solution.

The solution, which is usually your product, your service, will make him stop feeling that pain, but it is important to understand how he will behave over the next year so that we can stipulate what our planning will be.

Otherwise, you will make a plan, stipulating your goals and you will not be able to achieve it.

Tip #3: Build your deal-flow

The deal-flow is the indicator that shows your real sales expectation. You need to understand your volume, the conversion of your sales funnel to ensure you build a plan that isn’t unrealistic.

Unrealistic planning turns everyone off. Of course, planning shouldn’t be static.

It’s important to adapt and ensure that you understand your funnel, your team’s behavior, your conversion rates and your trading flow.

Tip #4: Make good use of training tools

Today there is no sales process that is efficient in these three parts: automation, CRM and Sales Engagement tool.

Besides them, you have to guarantee the content part, which is something that every sales team needs to have access to. Training is a constant process and you have to ensure that this procedural part, this tooling part, will be all structured for your company to run smoothly.

So I advise looking for a platform like Reev Academy, which is a process-oriented training platform.

And more than that, it is necessary to keep in mind that all these hacks can and should be used for any planning, in any situation, in any year, month or quarter. You have to be prepared.

How do I carry out my planning?

Ensure that on a daily basis you are able to see some benefit from performing a task that is bringing you closer to your plan.

The important thing is to see that you are also getting closer to your goal.

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