Statements Regarding Buena Vista Lagoon Restoration Project


Notice of Preparation/Notice of Intent for an Environmental Impact Report/ Environmental Impact Statement

October 1, 2015

The Buena Vista Lagoon Restoration Project would restore approximately 200 acres of wetland habitat at Buena Vista Lagoon, a coastal lagoon and State Ecological Reserve located in the cities of Carlsbad and Oceanside, CA, and that is managed by CDFG. The proposed action, for purposes of environmental analysis, is restoration of the lagoon to a predominantly tidal saltwater system (regime). This would increase shorebird and marine fish habitat, while taking advantage of the lagoon basin bathymetry to protect and enhance existing freshwater habitat at the lagoon’s upper (easterly) end that supports sensitive bird species. Alternatives to the proposed action that will be evaluated in the EIR/EIS include: restoring and enhancing the existing freshwater regime; creating a mixed saltwater-freshwater regime; and no project/no action. Implementation of the proposed action or the mixed saltwater-freshwater alternative would involve the creation and management of a new ocean inlet/outlet. Potential infrastructure modifications that may be considered for the three action alternatives include the existing bridges over the lagoon for U.S. Interstate 5 (I-5), the railroad, and Carlsbad Boulevard (“Coast Highway”), along with culverts, and/or a weir. Additional information is available at

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