Content marketing for results: 4 facts that are holding you back

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Is not easy for anybody. Since inbound marketing has taken the scene as the main tool for gaining new customers, content marketing has become a must-have in any company worth its salt.

Despite this, the truth is that being able to reap good results with content marketing is not that easy. Understand below the reasons why your company is failing to appear, despite the investments.

1. There is plenty of content

According to this survey by Rock Content, 70% of responding companies already use content marketing to interact with their target audience, generate more leads and revenue. This leads us to believe that:

Content is ubiquitous

A common user, on the internet, will have contact with different contents during a few hours of browsing. Therefore, creating content is no longer a differentiator.

Your content isn’t big stuff anymore

Anyone who has followed the development of content marketing knows how quickly this market is developing. Therefore, if your brand/company does not create something differentiated and increasingly focused on a market niche, its content will hardly help you in your sales pitch and lead generation.

Content is also noise

Just as spam emails are part of the noise everyone avoids, bad content is also part of the internet noise. We just walk past them without even noticing what they’re about. It’s basically a mental ad blocker for low-quality stuff that doesn’t add anything to our lives.

Think about this: if even your salespeople don’t use your content to support sales, how can it be useful to your persona?

2. Attention deficit

According to ZenithOptmedia research, people in Latin America spend 13 hours a day consuming content. It is the highest average in the whole world.

Furthermore, according to other research done by Microsoft, we humans reduce our attention span to a level less than that of a goldfish.

8 seconds is the average attention span of a human being. Goldfish have an average attention span of 9 seconds.

This research shows us the importance of capturing consumers’ attention on content, quickly, and keeping them active with differentiated and quality content. This goes for any type of content, from texts to videos.

The capture of attention must also be considered from the perspective of branding. Building a sense of authority, creating quality content and positioning your company as a knowledge holder are tactics that should not be overlooked.

3. Tunnel vision

As I said above, the content offer is immense. Despite this, people will only search for something when they need it (hence tunnel vision). For this reason, the time for the target audience to engage with your content is very small and should be used very well.

Once again, the issue of delving into a content niche can be interesting, because it is possible to delve into the subject matter with quality and address all possible nuances of a given subject.

Many companies fail to develop content only at the top of the funnel, which in general attract many people, but lack the production of middle and bottom content. Or even when they produce multi-step content, they don’t make the link between one content and another.

If your company creates content only to be consumed in some moments of the consumption cycle, failing to see the content strategically, it is natural that it will not achieve good results with content marketing.

Content is not King. The right content, at the right time, in the right channel, for the right reader is the entire Kingdom.

4. Consumer Journey is unpredictable

Finally, imagining that your reader will access your content from the top of the funnel, then to the middle, and then to the bottom is assuming too much. The consumer journey is not all that predictable. This notion of predictability may have come from the purchase journey of e-commerces, which have a somewhat linear flow of consumption.

For content marketing we can’t think like that. If the reader is consuming top funnel content, in addition to indicating middle funnel content, indicate bottom as well. Don’t assume that he will go through all the steps to finally get to convert to a lead or that he will only convert on your service/product landing page when he is 100% nurtured.


In short, we can say:

  • Create quality content for the niche you want to work with;
  • Create content for all funnel steps;
  • Quality content is what makes you sell more. Do your sellers use your content to sell?;
  • Be quick to grab the attention of consumers and keep them engaged;
  • Unless you have a data intelligence team, don’t assume your customer’s journey. Distribute your content in a diverse way.


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