Flows to Qualified Leads

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Hey guys, I’m Lucas Santiago: Head of Content at Reev and I’m bringing you another Flipchart Friday.

We’re going to talk about flows for qualified leads. Either for a profile-qualified lead (MQLs) or maturity-qualified (SQLs).

Silver level are those minimum flows to execute a Sales Engagement methodology and Gold level flows are those that reduce lead waste even more.

Our intention is not to go into the characteristics of each flow because you can already find them in our Sales Engagement playbook.

Let’s talk about SDR streams first and then we’ll talk about closer streams.

Flows for SDR Qualified Leads

Let’s talk about the silver level and describe a little about when each stream should be used.

Confirmation Flow

Have you already managed to connect with the lead, worked the qualification on the first contact well and generated an MQL? Wonderful.

Mission Accomplished? Not yet.

There is a large loss of leads at this point in the process for a simple reason: the lead might not show up in the meeting.

So, when passing it on to the closer, it is important to ensure that it will be a success, as the more time passes, the buyer will be less sensitized and engaged in moving the conversation forward.

Redial Flow

It is normal that other priorities arise and your meeting, or the closer, is rescheduled.

Having an optimized flow to handle this will help you be more efficient without requiring so much effort.

That’s what a markdown stream is for. Do you already own yours?

Resumption flow

We don’t always approach the lead at a better time. But if we’ve done our job correctly, we’ll have your honest answer about when we should get back in touch.

This is common in sales, and this constant stream of new leads being returned helps sales professionals exceed their goal with old leads.

Recovery Flow

We may lose leads for momentary poor performance or for not going further within our qualification process.

Recovery puts our work back on track, giving us the opportunity to address points we’ve missed.

It’s a kind of flow that’s great for newbies who are working their first leads and aren’t yet at peak performance.

Champion Letter

Many buyers do not evolve due to lack of alignment and working with a qualification flow with a Champion Letter is an excellent practice.

In addition, the positive shopping experience generates more buyer engagement throughout the entire process.


In addition to using the other streams, the maturation stream is the first to reach Gold level.

It requires the SDR’s ability to work some closer responsibilities to generate an even more engaged lead.

We know that specialization is important for each one to work the lead well, so the maturation flow requires even more SDR technique.

Automated Fallback

Automated Fallback is an Olympic Gold Level stream. lol

It works longer contact attempts so as not to waste the lead and makes the hunter’s work very efficient.

Mainly for potential buyers who have already demanded effort but haven’t achieved the result.

Flows to Closer Qualified Leads

The first 2 closer streams are already well used and almost like beans and rice in B2B sales.

A lot of my salespeople friends already use them, so we don’t even need to go into the know we need to get out of the basics.

Closing Flow

Every closer has a closing flow or should have to direct the leads that are closest to the face of the goal.

A well-crafted closing flow is effective in transforming the effort that has been made so far into results: commission and new clients!

Resumption flow

It can also take the name of good news stream to closer! There’s nothing better than an effective and unexpected resumption, right?!

The world becomes more colorful and the month becomes lively when the potential customer talks to you again and wants to know where you sign.

That’s why the retake flow is so loved by sellers.

Recovery Flow

It is the first flow from the Gold level to the closer.

It is gold level because it requires more customization skills and this is not possible for those who run the basics of SQL qualification.

To recover a higher stage is a little more challenging. Recovery is more difficult when the client is already looking to hire a solution and yours may not be the chosen one.

However, those who make this fine-tuning are rewarded and waste fewer qualified leads.


This time, our Fallback cannot be automated.

And that’s why it requires the closer’s greater ability to provide an experience in the final recovery process without losing efficiency.

Reengagement Flow

You thought everything was going well and he disappeared. It feels really bad not to know what happened.

the re-engagement is used when the contact has shown some interest in knowing more about your solution.

It is the ultimate gold-level flow as the salesperson is often not intuitive about the best way to re-engage a lead that has not made clear its intentions. Which requires skill to build a good flow of reengagement.


Executing cadence flows focused on qualified leads optimizes more advanced steps as buyers from those steps have already engaged with the SDR and Seller.

This engagement ends up motivating the team of taj with constant victories, sometimes unexpected, but which contribute to a champion sales culture.

Who has never returned to contact and suddenly returned with a signed contract. It’s a sure smile!