How to increase sales? With Design. Yes, it works, check it out!

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Every time a new year begins, many people ask themselves how to increase sales and start to mount fancy strategies in their heads, devise promotions, spend on ads or even reduce profit margins.
There are also those who think that the way to cut costs is going to start laying off (sometimes excellent) employees or neglecting the quality of products and services.
Before thinking about how to increase sales by taking rash actions like these, how about taking a look at your own belly button? How is your company’s visual identity and your communication design going? Of course you know the importance of having a brand very well positioned in the hearts and minds of consumers. And the most objective and surest way to do this is
creating a brand for your company that portrays this positioning, conveys your competitive advantages and that “speaks the same language” as your target audience, who will identify with your products and services.
But isn’t it time to review your brand and your visual identity and take the opportunity to redo some communication materials, such as the website, packaging and even email marketing?
To show you how to increase sales by changing the visual identity, we brought the example of Leite Mu-Mu, check it out!

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  2. 3 tips on how to increase sales with design

How to Dramatically Increase Sales in 1 Month

How about growing sales and increasing your market share from 1% to 17% in 1 month? For that is exactly what happened with the Mu-Mu milk brand, in the southern region of the country. The radical change in packaging design, innovating with flashy colors and reviewing the company’s mascot stamped on packaging, highlighted the product on supermarket shelves, in addition to passing a younger and more modern position, which hit the nail on the consumer’s taste. Of course, all this was the result of a study of branding and the work of marketing and design professionals. How about doing the same with your business?

To help you understand even better how to leverage sales with design, we are going to present 3 tips on how to do this quickly and practically, with 3 simple examples.

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3 tips on how to increase sales with design

How to increase sales by redesigning your brand

When you created your brand, your company logo, did you make a detailed study about your audience, positioning and differentials? Well, if you did, congratulations, you are on the right path. But if you didn’t, maybe this is the ideal time to do it. And even if you did, it may be time to update yourself and better understand your audience, following the example of Mu-Mu milk on how to grow sales by changing the brand’s design. Here are some reasons to redesign your logo:

  1.    Correctly position your company in the market.
  2.    Make your differentials clear.
  3.    Better identify with your target audience and their values ​​and beliefs.
  4.    Protect your product from imitators.
  5.    Stand out at the point of sale or on the internet.
  6.    Be more easily recognized.
  7.    Increase your brand’s recall power.
  8.    Encourage repeat purchases.

As you’ve seen, all these reasons will in one way or another increase sales!
And a quick and practical way to renew your brand is through the creation of online logos , through creative competition sites.

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How to increase sales on your website

Currently, the websites that bring greater sales results opt for a more direct and objective language, which responds quickly to the consumer’s needs. The days of far-fetched websites, full of flash animations, are over. See tips on how to grow sales with changes to your website:

  1. Have a clear main call that defines what you sell, to which audience, and to what benefit the consumer.
  2. Also add a short subhead giving more details about the product or service.
  3. Add elements of trust such as testimonials from satisfied customers, links to social media, media news about the company, seals and certifications.
  4. A short movie or animation explaining the advantages of your product will also usually work.
  5. Near the top of the page, a form with few fields, maybe just name and e-mail, to be filled in in exchange for a “gift”, which can be a subscription to a Newsletter, an e-book or even a “test drive” software for a limited time.
  6. Call to Action: can either be used to help collect the above information or to direct you to your product or service sales page. It should have bright colors, promote a sense of urgency, and make the benefit of clicking this button clear.

How to increase sales with email marketing

Sales email marketing design follows rules similar to those described above. In fact, it is important that your email marketing has elements that show the reader that when they clicked on the Call to Action they were directed to the correct website. Other important points are as follows:

  1. The subject of the email must be between 50 and 60 characters.
  2. Emails have to be responsive, that is, open on any type of computer or mobile device.
  3. It has to carry quickly, be light.
  4. The subject promise must match the content of the email.
  5. Create an outline: main title, subtitle, callouts (short) and Call to Action.
  6. You can spread multiple Call to Actions throughout the text, with slight variations.
  7. Avoid words in the subject line that could classify your email as spam. Examples: free, opportunity, buy now, don’t miss out, etc.

These were just 3 examples of how to increase your sales with design. It is an important communication element that should be used in the best way in your business, because more than just an “image” of your company, it really has the power to help sell.

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