SalesHeroes Podcast – A Process That Works

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Hey guys, I’m Larissa Machado, current Reev Community Manager and today I came here for the first episode of the SalesHeroes Podcast.

Today’s guest is Luma, from Fortes Tecnologia de Teresina, she was the winner of Pimp My Mail, our action that sought the best email templates in the Brazilian market.

In this episode, we decided to talk about sales processes looking for the characteristics of a process that works.

You can trust that good content comes here!!

SalesHeroes Podcast – A Process That Works

What is your position at Fortes today?

Today I am an Account Executive and also a BDR. I do my prospecting myself, generate my lists and qualify my leads too.

And now tell me, how did you go down in sales?

Although I am very communicative and this is a characteristic that many people notice about me, I never imagined that I would fall into the sales sector.

But one day at Fortes, they were in need of an SDR and Walfram, our commercial director, asked me if I would accept the challenge of being an SDR.

At the time I had no idea what that meant. Right away he explained a little to me and sent me several contents, a lot. So I accepted and identified a lot, I confess until I fell in love with the area <3

The commercial area is not for everyone, you have to have a lot of resilience, a lot of desire! 

Even talking about content, I wanted to know what is your favorite book? 

It sounds cliché, but my favorite book is SPIN Selling by Neil Rackham. It was something new and the book opened my mind and added a lot of value to my professional training.

In addition to my favorite, I’m currently reading Chris Voss’ book, Trade Like Your Life Depends On It. It’s a book by a former FBI agent that he reveals techniques to convince people, this is pretty cool!

Now that everyone knows you, I want to hear about your process. How does it work? Tell us 😀 

CHALLENGING is the word.

My entire process is based on a lot of organization, flow of cadences and a lot of follow-up.

At the beginning of the day I open my explanatory notes and put everything I have to do during the day, in addition to what I already have in Reev and my CRM.

I learned that to be a high-performance salesperson you have to be well organized and this is the main tip.

However, the salesperson’s life is crazy! Out of nowhere, a customer appears asking for a proposal, wanting to know more about your solution, and your entire routine ends up being broken.

Anyway, after I make the list of the day, it’s time to follow up on my opportunities, all leads that are closer to closing.

When I finish, I enter the active prospecting part and when I finish I try to watch some content.

As I said:

It’s no use being well organized, being a good salesperson if you’re not always improving, looking for new techniques and new approaches.

For that, I always try to watch a video of Reev Academy, it takes a lot of practice and the information there is very rich.

Once that’s done, it’s time to make my meetings, but when I don’t have any scheduled I already take advantage and I’ll qualify more leads.

And how do you make this qualification? 

I have a qualification matrix, but I don’t use it as a script. It’s just to help me not forget to collect relevant information from the lead I’m prospecting.

I don’t use any plastered scripts or scripts because I don’t believe it. For me, you have to do active listening so you can ask the right questions.

I always try to ask questions that the lead will recognize rather than trying to convince them.

To end my day, there’s more content, I’m looking to listen to some Podcasts, see Linkedin updates and already share something on SalesHeroes.

What are your 3 favorite sales techniques?

  1. Authority Trigger: Somehow I put myself in authority and put the brand that I see as an authority.
  2. Silent closing: I explain the terms of the proposal and remain silent to hear what the lead will respond to me.
    It is quite common for the seller to present and try to explain their proposal. But I believe that if I close all the doors and show value to the lead throughout the process, it will not see the price, but value.
  3. Active listening: understand what the lead said and use what they say to show that your solution is the best for them.

This flipchart on sales techniques is a must.

What did you not know when you started and that you now see is essential for your process to run?

In reality, I didn’t know what consultative selling was, I thought selling was talking about all the features of my product. Today, in my opinion, the essential thing is to educate the lead, make a complete diagnosis so you don’t give more than he needs.

Final tip:

Selling is just like a sport, the more you train the better you get!

So don’t stop studying, don’t stop training. Even so as not to stifle the process and approach.

Whenever you are thinking that it is not good and that you need to improve, investing in role playing is very difficult but the result for improving performance is incredible.

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