The characteristics of high performance leadership

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This is an episode of the SalesHeroes Podcast, let’s talk about a subject that if you are working in the sales area at some point you asked this question or asked something related to this position within the sales structure.

The theme will be about high performance leadership.

You will get to know some good practices, what you need to watch out for, and how to achieve the long-awaited high-performance leadership. And who will talk about this subject is the current manager of the Inbound Sales area at Somos Educação.

What is high-performance leadership?

Daniel Pink’s book Motivação 3.0, by Daniel Pink, talks a lot about the motivational factors of the new market, in this new market reality that has undergone many transformations and today has a very strong focus, not on the product, not on the process, but on the experience of the market. user.

Those who work for a corporation today have three pillars that affect motivation, they are autonomy, purpose and excellence.

Autonomy goes through: nobody likes to be bossed around.

The purpose is that people like to feel part of something bigger, it should feel important to a big business.
And the excellence is that no one does the wrong things on purpose. Nobody likes to make mistakes. Everyone who is working does that to be able to deliver their best.

In summary, the leader’s role in this scenario is to bring people’s engagement through these three pillars of motivation, as he is responsible for generating an environment of trust.

This is the phrase that begins to explain the whole. And how does this fit together?

First, the leader is that person responsible for ensuring that the led is in an environment where he can take risks, where he can make his own decisions, where he can be a protagonist.

And don’t feel pressured by it, don’t feel afraid to make your decisions.

The second is the purpose. Sometimes the company is too big and you can’t see how the gears add up as a whole. So the role of the leader is to make a reading of this whole tangible for those who are with him.

Finally, excellence must ensure that people, knowing where and how to go, are trained to do so, are ready to take steps, in order to be able to make decisions with a solid background.

It can be ended with a sentence: “When we work to develop others, we are developing twice”.

What characteristics of high-performance leadership?

Another book to answer this question is: Extreme Ownership by Jocko Willink. There needs to be a clear vision of this team’s goals for everyone.

The second part is focused on the process. Because if you only focus on the end you can fall into some traps in the middle. The results are not manageable, what is manageable is your process.

If the process happens in a “round” way, the result will happen. And if it doesn’t, you can identify at what point in this process, at what part in that process, there are failures or improvements.

The second point is to ensure a high commitment from everyone, so it is the vision of a chain of links that are not separated by anything. Everyone must understand that they are part of something bigger and that will only happen if everyone participates.

If any of these links break, this team tends not to achieve the result.
Furthermore, the main role of the leader is to ensure that each one is able to deliver their best.

People are not the same, they don’t have the same qualities, and you as a leader have to identify which are the best points of each one and make them come together.

Finally, a leader must know how to open and close gaps, that is, be always looking for new opportunities to reach the desired end result.–Online-and-Offline-Marketing-Tools-

How to become a high-performance leader?

Regardless of how you became a leader, there are three points that happen that need to be thought about in our next steps to mitigate such actions.

The first is that there will inevitably be distrust of you. The second is that many may believe that someone else would be a better leader than you. And finally, the third is something that happens to both sides, insecurity.

Even if you still don’t know anything about the business, you have to show a level of delivery, a level of engagement and energy that is always greater than that of your team members.

If you arrive with a level of delivery, energy or engagement lower than theirs, you will be fueling the insecurity that exists.

Also, get your hands dirty with them, not for them.

There are 2 more cool points to talk about.

Taking the film Invictus as a reference, which tells a little about Nelson Mandela’s story, we have the question of genuine interest. People have to feel that you are taking an interest in them, that you really want to know and develop them.

And finally, recognition. Recognize any small advances, it is important that people are recognized. And if there was no progress, be clear in the team’s feedback.

Lead by example, be an example.

Does the Leader have to be a good performer?

There are differences between role and attributes and competencies, so not necessarily performing roles means that when you’re a leader of that team, you won’t have the attributes to lead to be able to lead people the way you need to.

If, in fact, we can bring the necessary skills to be a good leader and be able to show everyone the clear path.

Getting to understand what needs to be done, teaching and developing people in what needs to be done, will be the way for you to deliver a good result and to have respect, admiration and be able to inspire people.

How to inspire the team with high performance leadership

The great role of the leader in inspiring.

It’s making people feel engaged with that purpose, engaged with what they’re doing. Looking at you and seeing that this person represents what they are talking about.

A phrase I learned at one of the companies I went through said: “A good leader is one who has achieved his results together with his team. And they celebrate it”.

If you want to know a little more about High-Performance Leadership, visit our community: Salesheroes.

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