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The Hustlers X is an event held by Reev & Outbound Marketing, ideal for you to raise your game in B2B sales.

Our event was born from the purpose of sharing the main marketing and sales fundamentals, necessary for a good salesperson to get ahead with the best processes and the best well-defined methods.

Since the beginning, with the Outbound Marketing blog, we seek to share what we have best, all our knowledge and know-how to help you sell more and with much more quality.

Along this trajectory, we’ve launched several audios and video content, more actionable and easier to be absorbed, such as Flipchart Friday, Outbound Reviews and The Sales Follow Up.

When we launched Outbound Go , we were able to reach a diverse audience, from beginners to experts in the Outbound and Sales Engagement process.

Now, we have a new thing that just came out of the oven: the Reev Academy. A premium sales training platform with the best in content for your team to generate even more results.

It’s a lot of variety and a lot of richness, isn’t it? All this created by our own team to help you develop your mindset, your techniques, your speech and your processes on a daily basis.

We believe that there is no one better to share techniques and fundamentals than someone who has always been hands-on.

That’s exactly why we created Hustlers X, an event that brings together the best professionals in B2B sales to debate and share what the most efficient teams in the country are currently doing.

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  1. What happened in 2020?
  2. What will happen in 2021?

What happened in 2020?

In 2020 there were more than 20 speakers, true beasts of B2B sales, more than 6 hours of incredible content, more than 13 lectures and, of course, more than 400 liters of draft beer during happy hour.

The event was so amazing, so exciting and so enriching, that we received the best feedback we could get:

I would like to highly praise the organization. When it comes to sales-related events, it was the best I’ve ever been, from entry to happy hour. Keep on this footprint and congratulations!

I really enjoyed the event, well organized and with a great support team! It was sensational to see the lectures from whom I consume a lot of videos, the chat afterward was also very good!

After all this success, we decided to make the Hustlers X 2020 even bigger and better!

What will happen in 2021?

It will be a full day full of hacks, techniques, new practices, tips and essential fundamentals when it comes to the B2B market and its complexities.

All of this divided into parallel tracks and main lectures, adjusted to the needs of each participant.

Know that, unlike most events, we seek to bring content from those who make sales in practice. Nothing against the sales gurus, but we want people who really get their hands dirty.

Just take a look at the confirmed speakers:

– Arthur Viana | CMO on Reev

– Caio Menezes | Team Lead & New Business at Raccoon Marketing Digital

– Camely Rabelo | Director of Business Development at Omie

– Guilherme Avelino | Sales Coordinator at Sodexo

– Guilherme Mendes | CEO at 12 Minutes

– Gustavo Souza | Senior Sales Manager at Rock Content

– Julia Passion | Head of Partnerships on Reev

– Juliano Braz | Partner and Sales VP at Take

– Lucas Palhares | Head of Sales and Marketing at Raccoon Marketing Digital

– Lucas Tavares | Partner and Commercial Coordinator at Méliuz

– Marcos Medina | New Business Manager in the Free Market

– Matt Doyon | Chief Revenue Officer at Rock Content

– Nathalia Bittencourt | CRM Specialist at Dito

– Pedro Couto | Senior Sales Account Executive at Rock Content

– Renata Centurion | Partner & Latin America Director at Winning By Design

– Roberto Viana | COO at Ipê Digital

– Tiago Alves “Aspira” | Head Inside Sales at Kenoby

– Vinícius Mayrink | CEO on Reev

What a team! Can you understand how essential this event will be for you who want to dominate B2B sales?

So, SAVE THE DATE: Hustlers X will take place on September 27th in Belo Horizonte, from 9am to 9.30 pm, at Mineirão! 😉

That’s right! You didn’t read it wrong. On the 27th of September MINERÃO IS OURS! With a selection of stars like this, it couldn’t be anywhere else.

We are 100% open to any feedback or questions you have about the event, location, speakers and lectures.

Still not convinced? What if I say we’re going to close Hustlers X with a flourish at a perfect happy hour for networking?


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