The seller of the future and the TMC framework

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This episode of Sales Heroes Podcast will be with a great partner of Reev, It’s Ricardo Alvarinho from Result Memorável.

Ricardo has been in sales for a long time and had the opportunity to work in various areas of the commercial process.

He’s going to talk about a topic, where he wants to talk a little about the seller of the future.

The seller of the future

The big transformation that sales is going through is that the pandemic anticipated 5 years in a few months.

It forced this digital transformation very quickly, and the big change is that, in the past, the seller was the owner of the information, because there was not much information available on social networks and on the internet.

So in a client meeting, he wanted to understand what his product was, what he did and how he could help.

But today there is so much information on the internet, that he already comes with everything in his hands, you have to help direct him to what he needs.

And the interesting thing is that often, the customer comes with a different view of the salesperson, and the role of this salesperson of the future is no longer to educate, but to deconstruct a vision that the lead formulated researching and created in his/her head.

So the role is to understand the vision he has today and bring some insights, sometimes even with a more challenging profile, where you can show an ideal scenario.

Exemplifying the Seller of the Future

In a meeting with a customer, we were talking about Reev to support him in the outbound process and he already had a CRM to support his decisions.

He said the following, in CRM I only put information from those who are already customers.

So the business opportunities that are in progress and have not become a client, and he manages to have more visibility and predictability, he thought it was not necessary to manage, and at the time I told him I was leaving money on the table.

And that’s being a challenger, educating him where he’s really losing money and a deconstruction of his forethought has been done.

He asked how I was leaving money on the table and, with a loss trigger, I showed the importance of having a funnel before your leads are actually customers. And this deconstruction of his ideas showed a great synergy.

The salesperson of the future needs to take this stance.

The TMC Framework

I also realize that the market is changing a lot, and with that, past sellers and current sellers have to work with 3 pillars, the TMC. This is something I made up, and looking at this new seller profile.

OT is about technology, where it has to be grounded in this technological transformation. OM is consumer behavior change, so our customer is always changing, and C is Challenger’s profile.

So when you put the three letters together, it supports your future as a salesperson. But there are many people who think about leaving the future for the future, but the future is now, it has already started.

If you’re not on LinkedIn and using outbound solutions to bring in indicators, for example, you’re falling behind and losing results in your process.

The union of these 3 points of the framework makes the seller of the future really stand out.

Is the Seller of the Future Inside Sales?

No, because each market and customer is different, so you have to go according to the customer’s preference, but more and more inside sales will help sellers.

An important point:

When the salesperson is on the streets, how many meetings can he hold?

One or two in the morning and 3 or 4 in the afternoon, because he has traffic and displacement issues that he cannot control.

But at the office, how many can he do? If the seller adapts to the remote, he can make a much larger amount.

Consider this research result from Challenger sales that demonstrates various characteristics of the salesperson of the future.

She speaks a lot about the challenging salesperson who is the opposite of the salesperson who wants to build relationships. Research shows that the salesperson with a relationship profile does not work so well.

But it’s the challenging profile that shows the solutions the customer wasn’t looking at before and has the greatest result. Imagine traveling 300, 400 kilometers to visit clients.

But when he gets there, he tells me that he understood but that if I needed to, I would call again.

Being in person can have its advantages, but it is not the predominant factor that will make you close a deal.

The perspective is to transfer all our everyday things to the remote.

How to bring that feeling of handshake? It’s taking care of him in the best way possible, being with him, paying attention to him, listening more than talking.

Tips to become the seller of the future

The final tips you can use to become the salesperson of the future are these:

  1. Use the TMC framework;
  2. Learn and master the technologies;
  3. Consider how changing buyer behavior impacts your routine
  4. Focus on being a challenger and challenging the prospect of the potential buyer.
  5. Think about taking the in-person shopping experience to the remote.
  6. If you need to use the face-to-face model, be strategic but recognize that this is not what prevents your sale.
  7. Constantly learn new practices and evolve your process and yourself. Reev Academy certificates are the beginning.
  8. Change your mindset by being more consultative and human in the business process.

Ricardo is also in our community to talk to people about what he said here.

We always have to remember that it is in the crisis itself that great ideas arise, and we have a lot of opportunities in the market.